Nonogram Picture Cross

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Nonogram Picture Cross Nonogram Picture Cross

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Nonogram Picture Cross Game


NONOGRAM PICTURE CROSS is a game for true puzzle lovers and beautiful and exciting graphics.
NONOGRAMs are fascinating number puzzles that combine logic with pixel art. In this game, you’ll have to solve the hidden pictures on the puzzle pages based on the numbers lined up in both directions! To solve the picture puzzle, follow the clues to help you color squares to fill in the line and choose which ones to leave blank. If you fill in all the correct squares in this puzzle, you’ll unlock a beautiful pixel-art picture! That’s what this quiz is all about. The game is reminiscent of tic-tac-toe.
Don’t worry, it’s very simple, this puzzle will train your brain and help to pump up your logic. We are sure that you will enjoy it!
Good Luck!


Left mouse button.

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