Mate In One Move

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Mate In One Move Mate In One Move

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Mate In One Move Game


MATE IN ONE MOVE is a puzzle game for real chess fans. For many, chess is very easy, but for some players they have to think twice. The essence of this game is as follows:
Combine in one puzzle pieces assembled according to the team of chess pieces helped by the king: single rook, two rooks, single queen, bishop with pawns, knight with pawns, rook with pawns, queen with pawns, just pawns, pair of bishops, two knights, bishop and knight, queen and rook, two queens, rook and bishop, rook and knight, queen and bishop, queen and knight. When you connect these pieces you can complete the level and win! Incorporate thinking and logic and you are sure to succeed!


Try your best and find a mate in one move!


mouse/touch screen.

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