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Amazing Sudoku Amazing Sudoku

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Amazing Sudoku Game


AMAZING SUDOKU is a fascinating game of Sudoku for the real brains. We are sure everyone knows the rules of this game, and no need to tell!
You just need to put the blocks so as to add up a series of numbers. To do this you need to think carefully and decide. Do not worry, a little effort and you are sure everything will work out! We wish you success!


  • Simple and easy UI/UX to play sudoku
  • Exciting new sudoku puzzle 2021 block
  • Classic sudoku puzzle with variable difficulty levels
  • Exciting sudoku game with classic tiles for all players
  • Ability to get backdoor sudoku solver and cancel move if you want.


If you get stuck in the middle of solving a block puzzle level, you can always use the hints. The game also offers you options for making and cancelling moves, so you can stay ahead and learn new ways to win a sudoku puzzle.

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